Music Service on Unitarian TV

On April 30 we were visited by UnitarianTV for a recording of our Sunday Service.
We were in luck and got off to a good start with clear skies allowing the morning sun to light up both chapel and gardens.
Invited contingents of fellow Unitarians from Hinckley and Belper swelled the congregation, and later, added a healthy level of decibels to the hymn singing.
Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting television
Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting television
Arthur led a very engaging service on the subject of music and its place in both our temporal and spiritual lives.
He gave us readings which explored how music can cross boundaries, provide a focus of creativity, serve as a medium to express wonder, and depict a metaphor for our existence in a complex, and at times inharmonious world.
Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting Arthur Stewart
Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting choir
After quoting Psalm 88 with its unequivocal celebration of music, praising God with ‘joyful noise’, he reminded us that ‘in all of us there is a song worth singing’.
Certainly worth singing, and in the case of the music group, worth listening to as well; led by Verity Hunt-Sheppard, the group greatly enhanced the occasion with renditions of David Kent’s Chalice Meditations.
The edited broadcast can be viewed here. When viewing, click for full screen view.