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We have a number of Photo Albums that we compiled throughout the years. To open and view album photos, click any image. You can navigate to other albums by clicking the album number on the right or using the back and forward buttons at the bottom of this page.

Archive Photos

We start with the many photos we have in our archives. This album contains photos of Great Meeting, showing the grounds and the buildings.

Great Meeting Unitarian Chapel Leicester, December 2007

There were many special celebrations during the month of December. We show just a few photos to help remember the events.

The photo on the right shows our festive decorations in the Chapel, lit by candlelight.

Tercentenary Celebrations 1708 – 2008

At 3pm on Saturday October 4 2008 over a hundred individuals filled the pews at Great Meeting, with an overspill in the balcony, to join with the Minister and congregation in celebrating the 300th Anniversary of our Chapel building.

The service began with our Chairman, Sir Peter Soulsby MP, welcoming the assembly and it’s honoured guests, The Lord Mayor of Leicester, Cllr. Manjula Sood, the President of the General Assembly Mrs Joyce Ashworth and The Chief Executive Rev. Steve Dick.

Oxford, “the city of dreaming spires” – visit 2009 : Harris Manchester College

On Saturday May 2, Sir Peter procured and drove our mini-bus, taking 17 of us to “the city of dreaming spires”, where we were joined by members of Annie’s family.

 On arrival and, following refreshments, we were given a guided tour of Harris Manchester College by the Principal, Rev Dr Ralph Waller.

Oxford, “the city of dreaming spires” – visit 2009 : Christ Church College

In the afternoon we had a change of location, over to Christ Church College, where Annie’s brother Chris is at present a Custodian.

Chris gave an extremely informative tour of the quads, the dining hall (with all its Lewis Carroll association), the Cathedral Garden where the massive and ancient plane tree grows which is supposed to be the inspiration behind Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”, and the Cathedral itself for Sung Evensong—a most evocative ending to a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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