Music at Great Meeting

Music has always been important to the ministry and congregation at Great Meeting and musical contributions to our services are actively encouraged. In addition to the regular playing of our organists, over the past year we have had piano, flute, and vocal performances from members of our congregation.

The Great Meeting Singers

We also have an informal group, The Great Meeting Singers, who meet occasionally to sing at services on special Sundays. We recently performed Mozart’s Ave Verum for Remembrance Sunday.

Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting Chapel music


Social evenings and concerts

In addition, we are always keen to present social evenings and concerts and these have included supper cabarets, 1940s singing and even a comedy performance by Annie and Fannie, Cinderella’s ugly sisters!

The Light of the Spirit

Our musical facilitator, David Kent, is also a composer and with Rev Sarah Tinker (see photo right) recently won the Vincent Silliman prize in the US for their worship song The Light of the Spirit.

Follow instructions on the right to hear this lovely piece of music.

Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting Chapel music

Sunday Services

And of course, the whole congregation joins in the singing during our Sunday services. One service was broadcast on UNI-TV. An edited version of the broadcast can be viewed here (remember to PAUSE the background music by clicking the PAUSE button top right of your screen).

When viewing, click for full screen view.