National Heritage Fund

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You don’t have to ‘sign up’ – just come along and try us out! Some of our events are listed in the Diary, and you can get more details by calling or e-mailing Arthur, our Minister. 
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Sir Peter Soulsby and Manjula Sood MBE

As we all remember, Great Meeting has long been affectionately known as the “Mayors’ Nest”, having historically spawned many of the city’s previous mayors. We are immensely proud that Sir Peter Soulsby became the first elected Mayor of the City of Leicester.

Peter is pictured here, during Great Meeting’s tercentenary celebration in 2008, with our member Manjula Sood MBE. Manjula was awarded an M.B.E. for ‘Services to the community in Leicester’ in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List and also became the UK’s first Asian Lady Mayor.


Sir Peter Soulsby and Cllr. Manjula Sood
GM members – recent publications

David Wykes with a colleague, Isabel Rivers, has edited a volume of nine essays, Dissenting praise: Religious Dissent and the Hymn in England and Wales.

Elizabeth Wykes under (under her professional name Elizabeth Clapp) also has a book coming out, Women, Dissent and Anti-slavery in Britain and America, 1790 – 1865, which she has edited with a colleague, Julie Roy Jeffrey.

Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting David Wykes
Dr Anthony Fletcher

Warmest congratulations to Dr Anthony Fletcher on the book launch of ‘The Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland’ which he jointly edited. 

The launch took place on the 12th May at the Natural History Museum in London.

Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting Dr Anthony Fletcher