Our Beliefs

  • In Leicester we continue the long-standing liberal tradition of Unitarian values and practices – and seek to share them with others in this diverse and successfully multicultural city.
  • We are a congregation of free-thinkers – unimpeded by creed or dogma. We reject the imposition of a particular religious view on any individuals or groups and encourage freedom of thought and tolerance of other peoples’ ideas. This refreshing approach means that our services are often attended by those who might identify primarily with a different faith or indeed with agnosticism or atheism.
  • Unitarians respect genuine advances in scientific knowledge and appreciate that science can and should challenge belief.
  • Drawing particularly on Judaeo-Christian and humanist traditions, we respect other faiths and beliefs and the wisdom that can be found in them.
  • Through our services of worship every Sunday and good social fellowship we meet to encourage one another along the way.
  • The term ‘Unitarian’ derives from our longstanding and previously heretical non-acceptance of the Trinity (Father-God, Son-Jesus and the Holy Spirit). Instead, we honour Jesus as a great human being and inspirational teacher but do not worship him as a god.
Leicester Unitarians Great Meeting stained glass window

We warmly welcome visitors and friends to join with us. We are an inclusive congregation and set no boundaries according to race, religion, gender or sexuality

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Join with Leicester Unitarians at the Great Meeting Unitarian Chapel, Leicester

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